5th Annual Tour - July 2019


In July 2019 the Victorian Kookaburras toured the USA to play baseball.


14U Team of 15 players

16U Team of 14 players




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5th Annual Tour - July 2019

USA Touring Teams


Following the success of the July 2015, July 2016, July 2017 and July 2018 tours Victorian Kookaburras Baseball toured with 14U and 16U teams in July 2019.


The two teams traveled  together with a mix of fun and training while in Dallas before traveling to Myrtle Beach where the players l once again stayed with our fantastic network of Host Families while competing in Ripken Myrtle Beach Surfs Up Tournament.

2019 Victorian Kookaburras 14U Red Team

Matthew Atkins No.26

Lucas Ash No.28

Bailey Baldac-lawson No.10

Jacob Bergin No.16

Darcy Broom No.34

Beau Graham No.15

Anthony Hemmerijckx No.39

Ryan Love No.44 (USA Based Player)

Nyah O'Brien No.24

Issac O'Brien No.49

Mace Poole No.22

Joel Prpic No.27

Jet Loi Quach No.23

Maxton Sherry No.25

William Styles No.9

​Coach: Chris Heyward No.41

​Coach: Alan Sutherland No.4

Assistant Coach On Tour (Alumni): Hamish Foreman No.13

Team Manager: Myles Foreman No.88

Tour Executive Officer: Myles Foreman No.88


2019 Victorian Kookaburras 16U Red Team

Lindsay Barbary No.3

Jordan Baumann No.33

Jasmine Bentley No.17

Jacob Dickinson No.12

Patrick Grimmer-Gobbledick No.31

Tyler Gwin No.19

Adam Jirik No.36

Sam Lee No.38

Joshua Paine No.13

Toby Pinker No.21

Jett Popinski No.20

Alek Siddans No.5

Chelsea Stewart No.14

Brodie Wise No.6

Coach: Stephen Black No.11

Coach: Bill Leropoulos No.7

Assistant Coach On Tour (Alumni): Bailey Pearce No.8

Team Manager: Jamie Pearce No.2

Tour Executive Officer: Myles Foreman No.88

2019 Victorian Kookaburras Alumni Coaches - Pre Tour

Nathan Gatt

Mitchell Heyward

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Dedication Commitment & Achievement Award 

2019 Touring Team Winner

Jasmine Bentley (16 Team)

USA Tournament

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2019 Tour

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